Movement Study, Branding and Collage

A series of movement studies of Jordan ‘J-Ready’ Reti and Riley 'EAZY' Simpson-Fowler created in a studio with lighting to get more detail in the forms of the body. The images were imported into photoshop to produce collages to show specific motifs of the dancers in motion. The purpose of the work was to capture the 'moments’ of a b-boy thrown (which traditionally last an estimated 40 sec in full length) inside of one single image.


ADIDAS 'The brand with the three stripes'

Hip Hop has been exceedingly 'brand conscious', the exploration through my own personal brand of individuality as YNOT has led me to understand what it takes to market and brand through design and culture. The Adidas brand has been a staple of Hip Hop and also has been one of my personal favorite brands to explore ideas with.. . 

The drips coming from the shelltoes.. . it's not that you necessarily need to call attention to the striped brand itself, but its more about showing the importance of those stripes as a large part of the brand. Those stripes to me are alive, they come off the clothes and into our psyche.