feminine noun

  1. (gen) fashion

  2. (pejorative) craze

Photography by: ANDREA ‘SQUEO’

Andrea ‘Squeo’ is one of my favorite photographers from Milan, Italy. The purpose of his work is evolution of self with the people he surrounds himself with whom he is grateful for. He’s a b-boy and works with Italian fashion magazines/clients etc. To me Squeo has a particular aesthetic that I feel compliments the ideas I have when writing. The structure of the letters to me are monuments.. .they belong with and along people, buildings and nature. They take on the characteristics of the images I transpose them on. To me there is a love affair between the fashion, the photograph and the art.. .and I like to express that in one single frozen image. We had to do a collaboration and this is what we came up with.. .


Full image.

Nuta Drozdova (model) - ‘Aural Pleasure’

The drips are becoming a small part of my signature. It’s not about the drip, but where it is placed and how I’m choosing to incorporate it.