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(Tap to see full image) Support system of body position during Footwork.. .

Foot position

The feet, as well as the hands can move quicker with less surface area on the floor. This image shows the position of the foot during top rock and footwork. With the heel raised the leg becomes a spring and support system for the weight of the body.

Centre of Support

It's important for the feet and hands to be as close to the centre of the body as much as possible. 


(Tap to see full image)Detail of hand position with points of contact.. .

Hand Position

The hands, much like the heel of the foot raises at the thenar region. This creates less surface area. Most of the weight is rested on the fingertips or distal phalanx, this props up the body just enough to move at top speeds with agility. 

Weight in the hand

Weight should be focused more towards the knuckle region of the hand. This will prevent the thumb from rolling into an injury.